A Whole New Year is Here

Had a crazy night with good friends. I was supposed to attend a local party but drama made it impossible. Instead of dwelling, I went to San Francisco, went to an amazing gigantic party and saw amazing things. I don’t regret it one bit. I took those closest to me with me on my adventures and I’m grateful for their presence.

I saw people I missed, people I don’t usually see and people I see every day. I saw dancing, acting, poetry, music, DJ’s, art, and beauty.
When midnight rolled around I found myself sad. This has been a hard year and it has been the saddest and most difficult of times over the last several months.

I do see 2015 as a fresh start, not in the cliched way that everyone starts dieting in, but as a clean slate. A release of breath I’ve been holding for four months. I’m letting go of it. I’m letting go of anger, and hurt. I’m just interested in what’s in front of me and before me again.

I have spent the last decade of my life trying to settle down, act like an adult, be boring and just get by. Now I see my dreams are out there and there’s so much life I’ve been ignoring. I’m exciting, dynamic, funny and I’m regaining my confidence and my sense of adventure and spontaneity.

I will create more, laugh more, I will throw myself into my art, my work, my life and my fitness & body. I will stop being afraid of the world and start looking in shadows, alleys and under rocks. It’s a new year, and hard as it can be, I’m going to be a new person. I’ll spend this next year finding him and growing to love who I am. I hope you will too.

Clean Slates all around, let’s kick life in the ass.