When Victory Fits like an Uncomfortable Sweater

I had a great day today, I went out to a show, spent some time with my good friend Jon. I had way too much caffeine and ended up running the open mic comedy night and coming into, what looked like disaster.

I run an open mic every month for comedy, it does pretty well, and I usually just act like an MC, introducing one act or another. I don’t really perform and I don’t really feel the urge too, it’s my job just to move the show along. Tonight we ended up with a huge crowd and only 3 comedians. It looked like a trainwreck. I was freaking out about how bad it was going to be.

I asked the comedians to do long sets and thank god 2 of them were accomplished enough to fill 20 minutes a piece. After they were all done I had an expectant crowd waiting for more and there was nothing else. I got up there and cracked a few jokes, I was inspired and I ran through some improv comedy riffing off the audience. It was a risky move but it paid off. I was really quick and sharp and fired everything back lightning fast. The audience was impressed and I gave the night a great ending.

I feel like I turned a failure into a victory. These victories are so few and far between. When I realized that I not only pulled it off but had a blast as well I found myself grinning like an idiot. Wondering why I was so overjoyed. I think it’s too far between wins for me. I forgot what it feels like to be flushed with success and to overcome obstacles. It’s a very positive feeling and a positive reminder.

Tonight I’m reveling in how well it all played out. I got some sun, performed, had a blast, was complimented heavily. At the end of the night a random burlesque dancer from Oakland just sent me a random message asking for a date. I never get asked out, I was totally flattered. We made plans to have coffee soon. She’s someone that I’m friends with online but haven’t ever met in person. It was a pleasant surprise and icing on the cake.

I like that I have the freedom to just go on a date still, if anything it makes me appreciate that Bonnie and I are chill and casual and there’s no hangups. I’m not really looking for anything serious and I’m not really unhappy with my situation. I just love meeting new people and feeling like anything could happen. It’s new and exciting for me. I’m honest with what I want, and open with what I need and so far it seems to be working.

Let’s call today a win.