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  • Adam 6:49 pm on October 30, 2017 Permalink |
    Tags: 200 days, diet, fitness, training, weights, workouts   

    Fitness Update 

    For those of you that keep track, you might have noticed I’m not posting my “Day Count” for workouts anymore. It’s not because I’ve given up or anything. Here’s the situation —

    1. I hit a plateau after a few months and was seeing very little progress for months and it was discouraging.
    2. Several experts and my trainers ALL advised me that 7 days a week was not particularly recommended and that better results would come from staggering, weight training and high intensity interval training.
    3. After proving that I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’ve decided to take their advice. I now have a weight trainer, a pilates trainer and a schedule that involves alternating days off.
    4. I’m still “at” it – I’m working out multiple times a week and trying my best not to fall into a bad schedule. However due to the craziness from the fires and several cancelled training sessions, It’s been a very mix-matched several weeks. (few too many days off)
    5. I’m getting back on track, doing weights, pilates, and some cardio with days off after heavy lifting & hard workouts. I’m still working on getting this new fangled approach, scheduled and stable.
    6. Additionally my diet was kind of hit and miss, I’m now doing Healthy lunches via work and Healthy dinners via Munchery. I’m hoping that with a very fixed schedule on meals that I will also get better in this arena. As that is my next goal stacked onto the pile (eat better, consistently, to assist with weight loss)

    So there you have it, I worked out 7 days a week for 200+ days and I couldn’t be more proud of that. I definitely have seen changes and feel better. I’m worried that the lack of consistency in this new approach will make following through difficult but my paid training sessions help keep me on track.

    I like the accountability and updating online, it gives me encouragement and helps me to share. It’s not as easy without a fixed ‘number’ but I’m going to try to pick back up on updates regarding fitness.

    For anyone that reads these and follows my progress and gives encouragement. I can’t thank you enough it means the world to me and I’m going to keep getting better. The addition of weight training is a bit intimidating but I really do enjoy it and like ‘pushing’ myself to new limits. I adore my trainers and I’m so lucky to have 2 awesome and talented people giving me direction, encouragement and training.

    <3 Thanks and Stay Tuned

  • Adam 10:55 pm on September 24, 2014 Permalink |
    Tags: 20 pounds, cavalry, diet, , , mom, , , rescue,   

    Phase 7: Calling in the Calvary 

    Where is my Mother this whole time? Waiting patiently in New Mexico. She had basically retired and constantly worked on spiritualism, self-improvement, life-coaching and even nutrition. She was everything that I was not. She was very organized, financially responsible, spiritually attuned, and passionately healthy.

    When my Dad started to slide under, so many years ago, my Mom chose to rise above. She got versed in alcoholism, in recovery, in the spiritual side of life. She rose to massive challenges in the harshest conditions you can imagine. I respect her immensely and I never really felt like I had much to offer her, in her enlightened life. But I knew she cared and I thought she would help.

    I called and I basically spilled it all out on the table. My weight, my depression, my feelings of being lost and unsure about everything. I tried very hard to give control over to her. I didn’t believe in a higher power, but I did believe in my Mother. She was amazing. She gave great advice and in short order she had me reflecting on my life and planning my meals and working toward a better way.

    I remember feeling guilty. That I could turn to my Mom but not my own wife. Carrie didn’t have to struggle with what I did. She hadn’t been so fat that you can’t wipe yourself properly and experience the anguish that comes along with that. Being obese is impossible to describe to anyone because it’s a slow ongoing process. You make more and more discoveries about how your body has betrayed you that it’s never just ONE realization. It’s a hundred realizations over a thousand days and a million meals.

    There was a few months there, where it got better. I started walking several days a week. I changed my whole method of eating and was trying different approaches. We talked 3 days a week and she was like my trainer, my counselor and my food coach all wrapped into one.

    I lost 20 pounds.

    Eventually finances reared their ugly head. Carrie was happy that I was making changes and she even offered to pay for my rent and my bills to keep me going. I couldn’t accept that. I couldn’t deal with her suffering for me for another 6 months, or year or whatever it took, while I peevishly ate brown rice and tried to take walks.

    I was still extremely ashamed of my behavior thus far, and I couldn’t imagine continuing to be a burden. I started looking to a job and I felt like maybe I could handle that and my current path of righteousness.

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