Everything is in Your Mind 

I took a walk today. I set my timer for 30 minutes. In this heat that’s a pretty good walk, I come back sweating. Usually I make it out to the park and back and I’m close to 30. Today I stopped worrying about the time. Kicked on some inspirational music (Glitch Mob via Pandora again) and I took off at a fast walk.

I thought I’ll never be able to keep this pace, but I did. I thought, I’m going to run out of time and be really far from home and have to trudge back, I didn’t.

I went across the neighborhood, around the park, down alleys I’ve never seen before, out to the highway back around the whole damn thing and by the time I got home, I’d gone further than I ever had before. I look at my timer. 25 minutes.

Just starting to glimpse what I can accomplish. A fast walk took me further than I’ve gone in a month. I imagine running. I miss it. I’m too heavy for it but my feet are starting to feel lighter and to itch for that extra speed I used to have.

I came back sweating, winded, feeling like I pulled something off. It felt good. Someday, I’ll get the hang of this exercise thing. I think I might like it.