It can’t rain all the time… 

My favorite quote from the movie “The Crow” is that it can’t rain all the time.  It reminds me that no matter how bad things get that they will always get better.

One day 15 years ago I was in florida in a bookstore. I was feeling sad about my life. I got a cup of coffee and settled in to read a novel in the cafe area. A woman immediately got up and walked over and asked if she could sit at my table. I immediately looked around me at all the open tables in confusion. I nodded and mumbled  “Sure”.

She sat down and asked me how I was doing. I’m guessing she could tell from my face and posture that I was troubled. I wasn’t sure how to react to a stranger but she had taken the initiative. I told her things weren’t going well.

She stopped me and told me this quick story. She said – “I’m 28 years old, I haven’t seen everything or done everything. But I’ve been around and seen a lot and I’ve had my share of heartache and disappointments. I’ve been so low that I couldn’t see any way that things would get better. One thing I’ve realized in my life as the years go by, is that it will always get better. No matter how bad or how low your life gets, eventually, it will turn around. If you wait long enough and remember this – It WILL get better. There’s nothing so terrible that you can’t recover from it and there’s nothing so bad that will keep you from ever being happy again. It WILL get better.”

With that she left and I sat there open-mouthed. Confused. The suddenness of her arrival and leaving left me agape. For the next hour I analyzed what she had said but didn’t think much of it. I shrugged and read my book.

But now, 15 years later, I still see her and I still remember her voice and what she said. She said it will get better. It will. I do know that now. I’ve been through enough between now and then to know that it can’t stay bad forever. It can’t rain all the time.

Carrie ended things with JJ last night, I was so angry at my lot in life that I rushed to confront her and tell her I couldn’t stand by anymore, that she would lose me forever by doing this. I got there and she dropped it on me, like a bomb. “I ended it”. It sucked the wind out of my sails and the fire from my heart in a split second.

I told her that we need to act with dignity and respect to do the right thing. To be honest and straightforward no matter what comes to get through this alive and whole. I believe it, and I hope she does too. I’m going back to working on myself and living life again as a person. Just me. But today more than ever I remember, it can’t rain all the time.