Life is a Crowd

Our elbows bump and our arms press,
against the endless waves of people.
We meet some, like some, hate some, lose some.
Eventually our eyes lock.
In all this sea of infinite, our eyes lock.
I see her across 15 years of dance floor.
We’re bumped and jostled and led astray.
It’s hard to see her from so far away.
pressure from every side, feet under every footstep.
a hand slides outward between two thousand bodies.
I grasp it slowly hoping this arm isn’t forever.
I pull her toward me, I whisper in her ear.
We should go, we should get away from here.
There’s so much noise, I can’t hear you.
Suddenly we’re alone.
The lights are dim. Now we’re in bed.
Our eyes are full of stars, I can’t look away.
I see the sparkle of real love underneath me.
We share breath and her face seems a universe to me.
I kiss her for 10 years until my teeth hurt.
The music is back on, the speakers are overwhelming.
I can’t hear her again, she pulls away.
I reach out and grab her hand, she shakes it off.
A press of angry bodies swarm across my vision like hornets.
I blink, cry, blink and cry.
She’s gone. I can’t breathe in here.
Life is a Crowd, but I only noticed one.